- a date idea generator



Adam Hedgpeth

Tinkerer from Texas who is always looking for better date ideas for him and his lovely wife. Thinks of code like legos and thrives on making complex systems work together. Loves guitar and mountains. You can find him on LinkedIn and Github.

Alex Liotta

Renewable energy fanatic. Loves full-stack engineering, NoSQL databases, card games, discovering new foods, and dancing the night away. Find him on LinkedIn.

Jessica Chong

Maker of things and stringer-together of words from Hong Kong. Loves drawing exquisite corpses and spying on other people's dogs. Has been building websites since 1999 (she had a WWF fan site filled with Chris Jericho wallpapers). Find her on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Jing Pei

Enjoys photography, scrapbooking, board games, baking macarons, pogo-sticking, and rock climbing. Loves promises and bluebirds. Find her on LinkedIn.

Under the hood

Dateworthy is made up of two main components: a graph database and a date finding algorithm.

Graph database: We keep a graph of all the important metadata about good date ideas—for example, time of day, ambience, cost, genre, and so on.

Date-finding algorithm: We wrote an algorithm that takes into account a) your answers to a small quizlet, and b) previous date ideas that you’ve liked. With this algorithm, we cross-reference with our graph database to serve you the best date ideas possible. We use Foursquare’s API to tie date ideas to real venues near you. was built with ionic, and is powered by a Node.js / Express.js, and MySQL and Neo4j databases.

You can find it on github here.